The Chief

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Stawamus Chief or The Chief as it is known by many is a translation of the original name, Siyám Smánit, which better translated is a social ranking like a leader, educator or senior. A glorious granite dome over 100 million years in the making, that stands tall at 700m (2297 ft). This mountain, which formed from cooled molten magma over millennia, is thought to have been the root of an extinct volcano. Located one hour north of Vancouver in Squamish BC, once you see it you never forget it!

Squamish Indigenous stories tell of four brothers called the Xáays (Transformer Brothers), who came to the area to teach wisdom and of the world to the people. It’s said these brothers transformed a longhouse into the mountain. At the time of the transformation there were many animal spirits inside who had gathered for a potlatch, a great feast. When the longhouse was transformed all of the spirits were frozen inside. Today, when you look at the mountain's cliff-face you can see different spirit animals appear in the rocks. There is also a cool story about a giant two-headed serpent named Sínulhka. Look it up!
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