Nathan Gowsell is a Canadian artist and graphic designer. His art is inspired by scenes from his Ontario hometown, Long Sault, as well as the serene Canadian landscapes he has visited throughout his travels. Nathan now resides in Vancouver, BC, where he continues to gather inspiration and draw from his imagination, never losing touch with his childlike wonder.

With over 15 years of experience creating artwork, Nathan has developed his own style of “digital folk art,” and some of these pieces are now available on this website. Nathan combines together traditional pen and ink drawing styles with digital painting. The end result are colourful, detailed and whimsical drawings that make wonderful prints.

Nathan enjoys diverse subjects in his artwork, including local history, architecture, urban settings, nature, and trees (lots and lots of trees). In recent years, Nathan has gone back to his roots, drawing a series of Lost Village scenes depicting towns and places which have since been lost. Many of these scenes originate from his family’s history in two Lost Villages that were swallowed up by the St. Lawrence Seaway Project in the 1950’s. Sharing his artwork is a way for Nathan to tell stories, connect with others, and preserve a piece of this history.

Now living in East Vancouver, Nathan finds inspiration in his neighbourhood, and Vancouver’s own history. There’s much more he’s looking forward to exploring here. Urban landscapes of no particular origin also crop up in Nathan’s work, such as in Street Dreams, City Hot Rod and House on the Hill. These works epitomize the coming together of his colourful imagination with memories and experiences of travel across Canadian landscapes. 

We hope one of these whimsical prints finds their way into your home, brightening up your walls. You can find more about Nathan and his artwork on Instagram.

For examples of Nathan's graphic design and commercial work, please visit nathangowsell.com.