King of the Hill

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A perfect winter day at the Long Sault toboggan hill, circa 1993. Kids from all around had shown up for some fresh pow and in all of the excitement I managed to convince eight of my bravest friends to let me attempt the impossible.

The conditions were right, the ramp had grown to its peak of that year and it was a good day for a historic jump. After two attempts and almost running over a friend I wasn’t sure it could be done. But on the third try I was able to get the right amount of speed and hit the jump straight on for an epic launch. In a flash it was over and on landing I ate it pretty hard. But it didn’t matter because as I pulled my face from the snow, I turned to find my friends cheering and laughing. I had made the jump.

The rest of that afternoon is a blur, but as we walked home in the cold and wet I can remember holding my head a little higher knowing that for that one day I was truly the king of the hill.

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